Atelier Lory



I am Laurence Gracia, visual artist and owner of Atelier Lory. I graduated at the National School of Visual Arts in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, where I currently live.

My interest in art comes from the influence at an early age of some members of my family, mainly my father who paints and my aunt who used to draw amazing portraits.

In my paintings I mainly use oil and acrylic. And traditional media for my drawings and prints. I can say that the main focus in my portraits is on the expression of their faces in order to convey my own experience with that subject or their true feeling of the moment or just to express a personal emotion, where I don't have to use myself as the main character.

My art consists of a variety of pieces created with different techniques; they capture the essence of the subject, hopefully emanating genuine emotions to the viewer. "

Laurence Gracia, Santo Domingo - RD